Dr. Staci Now Has a LASER!
Doctor Staci and her team are excited to announce they now offer LASER DENTISTRY! This often means INJECTIONLESS dental restorations, as well as now offering infant, child and adolescent frenotomies!
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Sleep Hygiene - How to Encourage Good Habits + Healthy Routines
Bedtime finally rolls around. You’ve been reminding your kids the past hour or so but you hear the dreaded words “I’m not tired!” While this can partially just be kids being kids, consider the importance of things to rule out that could be keeping your kids awake at night.
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Understanding Cavities - Dr. Staci’s Tips on Prevention and Remineralization- Part 1
As a dentist with an integrative approach, one of my top priorities is getting down the root cause of the issue rather than just treating symptoms and masking the problem. Remember, acid is the cause of almost all oral issues, but we will discuss this in a future post!
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GROWN-UP TIPS! The Good, the Bad, and the Acidic – What Summer Drinks are Better for Your Teeth?
Hello summer – hello iced drinks! A season of many barbeques, picnics, happy hours, and more… what beverages are teeth-friendly?
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Four Reasons Why You Should Floss Every Day
Our mouths are something we use every day, so taking care of it should always be a top priority. Taking care of your mouth means you should routinely brush, floss, use mouthwash, and even visually check the appearance of your mouth for anything out of the ordinary.
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