So, What’s For Dessert?
OK, I realize a lot of my recommendations with cutting out sticky snacks and treats may seem nearly impossible depending on your child’s palate at this point in time, but please trust that sugar is much like
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My Baby/Toddler/Child Hates Brushing…Help!
This is very likely the MOST common concern we hear from parents here at NoPo Kids…”My child hates it when I brush their teeth and I am afraid I am going to create emotional trauma if I force it!”
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Thumb and Finger (Digit) Sucking: Problems and Solutions
When an adult needs to de-stress they often turn to a variety of coping mechanisms—whether that be exercise, a hobby, reading a book, a nice glass of Pinot Noir, etc. But when an infant or toddler needs to de-stress, very often children turn to thumb or finger-sucking for comfort.
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MTHFR Gene Polymorphism: A Closer Look
As many of you may have been hearing about from your naturopathic physicians or reading about on social media or various blog posts, MTHFR gene polymorphism is a pretty hot topic, especially when it comes to using
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Crackers and Other Dried Snacks: Hidden Cavity - Causers
I have been struggling with the fact that cavities are on the rise in pre-school aged-children, and it has often left me scratching my head…why? I cannot tell you how often I have to face a guilt-ridden parent to tell them that upon their child’s first set of dental x-rays (usually around 4 years old), that their child has EIGHT hidden cavities in between all of the back molars.
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