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What is functional dentistry?

Functional dentistry is an approach to dental care that focusses on root causes and prevention. This approach includes:

1. Focusing on the root causes of dental and oral disease, working with each patient as individuals to develop an treatment plan specifically tailored to their physical and emotional needs

2. Promoting and educating on a whole-body approach to dental and oral health, teaching that the health of the mouth impacts the overall health of our bodies and that diet is the key to overall health.

3. Emphasizing prevention for oral-systemic disease such as supporting our oral microbiome, recognizing and treating issues like of sleep-disordered breathing, myofunctional imbalances and functional issues of the mouth, and making achievable and manageable dietary recommendations and lifestyle changes.

4. Aiming to use only the most non-toxic and biocompatible materials available when treating dental issues, attempting first to allow the body the ability to innately heal if this is appropriate

5. Empowering the patient to be their own healthcare advocates and to prioritize their r health through education and emotional support. Other names for this approach to dentistry can include integrative dentists, holistic dentists, biological dentists, and natural dentists. While they all will likely have many similar mindsets to their practices, they may have slightly differing approaches and procedures offered.

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