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Understanding Cavities - Dr. Staci’s Tips on Prevention and Remineralization- Part 1As a dentist with an integrative approach, one of my top priorities is getting down the root cause of the issue rather than just treating symptoms and masking the problem. Remember, acid is the cause of almost all oral issues, but we will discuss this in a future post!

Teeth can repair and heal, just like bones! Made up of 96% minerals, teeth are the strongest tissue in the human body. They are porous, which allows them to lose minerals (but also to absorb them!). Absorbing minerals from the outside of the teeth is great news! But don’t forget how important putting healthy things into our bodies is, too. Certain nutrients can help from the inside of the tooth since our teeth are all vital and have a blood and nerve supply which can bring essential nutrients into your teeth. You can potentially prevent and even reverse tooth structure with these steps below.

Fat Soluble Vitamins (A, D, E, K)

VITAMIN K2 plays a key role in the development and maintenance of healthy tooth enamel (outer layer of teeth with no living cells) and dentin (inner layer of teeth with living cells) immune response. Without the Vitamin K2, calcium can’t be adequately processed in kids’ bodies.

Carlson Kid’s Super Daily K2 is a dairy-free, vegetarian liquid form supplement. Just place a drop in food or a drink daily.

VITAMIN D3 is referred to as the sunshine vitamin and helps aid in the absorption of calcium.
Renzo’s Dyanite D3 is a tasty, green apple flavored tablet that is vegan, sugar free, with no artificial sweeteners. Totally kid-approved!

Calcium, Magnesium, Phosporous

All of these dietary minerals are essential for healthy teeth (and bones, of course!). Many dietary nutrients need one another for maximum efficacy, so be sure your child has enough of each. These have benefits to teeth both systemically and topically, so look for foods high in essential nutrients as well as dental care products that can remineralize teeth! Theodent and Revitin are both wonderful toothpastes that have lots of good stuff within their ingredients including calcium to help our teeth heal from the outside-in! As always, consult with your child’s physician prior to any supplementation changes.

Bone Broth

Some people refer to bone broth as liquid gold. The collagen aids in remineralization, stabilizing teeth and benefits enamel and bone density. It will also help strengthen your hair, nails, skin, and joints! I always recommend making your own, but as a working mom myself I don’t always have the time. Kettle & Fire’s Bone Broth is organic with a variety of yummy flavors.


A natural sweetener found in the fibers of fruit and vegetables, Xylitol stimulates saliva flow which reduces the risk of tooth decay, strengthens teeth and inhibits growth of dental plaque.
Ice Chips Candy satisfies your sweet tooth without the guilt of sugar and is created from very natural Xylitol resources, as opposed to being created in a laboratory.


Water, of course, is a no-brainer and is always the best option. Milk is packed with calcium, however, avoid drinking before bedtime, especially after you have already brushed. Lactose is a form of sugar which can cling to the teeth leading to increased acidity and potential cavities. I recommend plain A2 or grass-fed, grass-finished milks which are easier to digest and more abundant in K2 as well as other nutrients.


Did you know that your mouth has its own pH? In order to keep your teeth healthy, your pH should be around 6.7. I recommend using Elementa NanoSilver Mouthrinse – not only does it balance your pH, but it also delivers Calcium and Xylitol directly to your teeth by breaking down plaque. Also, Baking Soda is a great neutralizer! Use it as a rinse or brush with it for a more stable and brighter smile.

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